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What We Do

At Adarsh Women Polytechnic, we believe in empowering women from socially and economically marginalized sections of society. Through our specialized courses, we equip them with skills to become self-reliant and chart out their unique career paths.

Our Courses

1. Personality Development

  • Unlock your potential with specialized modules that enhance communication, leadership, confidence, physical fitness through Yoga, mental clarity, spiritual awareness, and culinary skills including nutrition, hygiene, and diverse cuisine preparation.

2. Basic Computer Course

  • Dive into the digital world with our foundational computing course, designed to introduce women to the fundamentals of computers, software, and internet applications.

  • The Basic Computer 6-month Course covers key computer skills including typing, Notepad usage, drawing with Microsoft Paint, document creation in Microsoft Word, data management in Excel, presentation design in PowerPoint, internet browsing techniques, email communication, and essential phone applications. 


3. Beauty Culture & Hygiene Course

  • Embrace the world of beauty and wellness. From basic skin care routines to advanced beauty treatments, we cover it all.

  • The Basic Beauty Culture 6-month Course teaches essential beauty techniques: threading (forehead, upper lips, chin), facials, various bleach treatments, diverse hair styling, hair care (massage, mehndi, dyeing), makeup basics, saree draping styles, waxing types, manicure & pedicure, and hair cutting techniques. Theory and practical documentation are emphasized throughout.

  • The Advanced Beauty Culture 6-month Course delves deeper into specialized beauty techniques. It covers intricate threading, advanced facials targeting various age groups, extensive waxing procedures, elite saree draping styles, deluxe manicure and pedicure with machinery, diverse hairstyles, detailed makeup artistry, specialized hair cutting techniques, and nail artistry. Theory and practical documentation are integral.

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4. Cutting and Tailoring Course

  • Turn your passion for fashion into a thriving career. Learn the art of tailoring, fabric selection, pattern-making, and more.

  • The Basic Cutting & Tailoring 6-month course covers stitch types, sewing machine operation, and maintenance, correct measurement methods, and designs for lowers, petticoats, frocks, necks, collars, sleeves, salwars, kurtis, and blouses. Theory, drafting, and paper patterns are integrated into the curriculum

  • The Advanced Dress Designing 6-month course delves into intricate stitch techniques, diverse necklines, collars, sleeve designs, and specialized styles for Gararas, blouses, kurtis, palazzos, salwars, gowns, and skirts. Students will learn design principles through fashion file work, covering various aspects from lines to draping. Integrated theory, drafting, and pattern-making instruction included

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What we do?

Each of our courses is carefully curated to ensure high-quality learning while keeping them accessible and affordable. We've designed our curriculum with the goal of making education both enjoyable and impactful, helping our students transform their lives and their communities.

Empowerment through Education. Join us on this journey.

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